The quality of services is proven by received independent awards:

Microsoft Awards 2016

CCV_Microsoft Awards 2016 Finalist

CCV Information systems has become the finalist of a partner competition Microsoft Awards 2016 in the category Solutions for customer engagement. The company has received the award for a solution Customer Engagement in COMPAS automation company using Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2015, Office 365 and Power BI.

IT product of 2015 

In a competition organised by a newsroom of a specialist magazine Computerworld, a special award for overall contribution to business has been given to a new version of solution for working with electronic documents ORION 2016 (more here). 

Professional evaluators rated highly especially the overall inventiveness, commercial contribution and positive impact on the development of the computerisation of business documents, as well as the new characteristics of the version ORION EDI 2016.

IT produkt roku 2015

A finalist of IT product of 2014

It is a traditional competition, proclaimed by a Czech branch of IDG and organised by a newsroom of a specialist magazine Computerworld that has appraised a solution for warehouse evidence CCV Instant warehouse, provided in the form of service.

A case study of 2013 and 2014

A competition for the best case study of a year is proclaimed by IDG Company and every year it is supported by a newsroom of CIO Business World magazine. In 2013, a specialist committee awarded CCV Information system Company a prize in the category Business Contribution for processing a case study "Electronic invoicing and trustworthy electronic archiving for OBI ČR Company".

CCV Information systems defended its prerogative in 2014, too, when the committee in the same category evaluated as the best case study processing of a story of deploying ERP system, WMS and business intelligence in Gaston Company.

The best logistics innovation of 2012

A prestigious election of the best logistics innovation in Slovakia also became a part of Bratislava forum LOG-IN SK regularly organised by ATOZ Company in 2012. This independent award was given to a solution ORION eCatalogue for electronic listing.

Case study of the year 2012

An expert jury at the CIO Business World monthly journal has awarded CCV for the best case study of the year 2012 in the category of Business impact for the case study "Building materials wholesale and retail solution by CCV in PRO-DOMA". 

IT product of the year 2011

The traditional contest under the auspices of IDG publishing, organized by the editorial board of the experts' magazine Computerworld, in the category of 'on-line and related services' has been won by CCV's solution for trustworthy archiving of electronic documentation  – CCV Trustworthy archive.

Extra PC Awards 2010 and 2011

Magazine Extra PC has awarded the case study of the Microsoft Dynamics NAV implementation in Gaston co. with the maximum number of five stars. Case study of electronic invoicing in Schneider Electric achieved the same success in 2011 and became the best case study of 2011.

Victory in the IT product of the Year 2009

EDI ORION 2.0 solution was awarded the first prize in the Czech competition "IT Product of the Year 2009" in the category of information systems.  This is a traditional contest, organized by Computerworld magazine. EDI ORION 2.0 has won in the fierce competition mainly due to the convergence of state-of-art data services, traditional EDI and ability to manage so called Data box (national solution for communication with state administration).

IT produkt roku 2009

Diamond eye 2008

Solution CCV Warehouse management system earned award Diamond eye 2008 (Diamantové oko). Diamond eye is a award of the best product or solution for professionals on the international trade fare of information and communication technologies INVEX 2008.


Award Diamond eye is tendered by publishing Computer Press a.s. and Veletrhy Brno a.s., the organizer company of trade fare INVEX.

Microsoft Industry Award 2006

CCV is also the winner of Microsoft partners' contest: Microsoft Industry Award 2006.

2005 IT Project of the Year

It is an award in 2005 IT Project of the Year, organized by CACIO association under the auspices of Ministry of Informatics. 

LOG-IN 2005 Award in a category: 'IT support for logistics'

Furthermore awards at a prominent logistics forum LOG-IN 2005 in the category "IT support for logistics" together with special merit for application of GS1 system standards with the use of ORION EDI solution.