A new version of ORION EDI solution is out! To all its users, it's newly bringing, besides maximum level of security of transmitted and stored data, also more lucid utilisation and a range of extending innovations for more effective work with electronic documents.

What does this change mean for customers?

  • Transition to the new version ORION EDI 2016 is completely for free.
  • For access, it is possible, just like before, to use any commonly available internet browser.
  • You can keep the same login data, the only thing that changes is the URL address that you enter into your browser (set it up again, if you have it saved as a “favourite page” or an icon on your desktop).

The transition to the new version, on the other hand, doesn't mean any changes in the EDI communication, formats, etc. Therefore, it is not necessary either to set up, program or integrate anything again. It is only necessary to log in at a new address ORION.CCV.CZ.

What will you find in the new version ORION 2016?

  • Simplification and streamlining of all application control, so that you are dab hand at your work. A new contextual help is also available. 
  • The possibility to use additional services, which will help you make your company processes with documents more effective and save costs.
  • Stronger level of security of stored data is the basic building block of the new version, while the customers themselves won't feel impacts of any from the range of physical and virtual measurements (ISO 27001 certification).