Our solutions for state administration

We develop specialised internet based solutions for state administration on the Oracle platform. Maximally configurable and open solutions are fully adjustable to the customer's requirements and the given legislature.

Correct information is essential for making the correct decisions. It has to be precise, up to date and verified. It is necessary to preserve, to process and to share this information. It must be possible to update the information easily so that it remains simply accessible even to the common public. These very requirements and specifications have led to the development of State administration system by CCV.

State administration registries

It is a legal requirement that state administration edits and processes relevant registries. These contain not only data but also a wide range of procedures. CCV is able to optimise the development process and implementation of the registries since it is fully aware of the procedures and risks involved in the process.

Characteristics of the CCV registry solution:

  • Use of latest ORACLE technology
  • Possibility of remote access to registries – web interface
  • Incorporation of registries into a comprehensive integrated system of state administration
  • Information exchange to/from outside of the system - web services, XML communication
  • Data security and protection
  • Support of

    • administrative procedures
    • statistical outputs, configuration generator
    • electronic communication between a citizen and registries, electronic signature 

Information portals for state administration

Web-based information portal is an ideal solution to the legal requirement of information publication, sharing and internal exchange.

Characteristics of CCV Portal solution for state administration:

  • Use of ORACLE PORTAL solution
  • Public part of the portal (website of an organisation) and internal part of the portal (intranet)
  • Management of information access according to roles set in advance
  • Support of information sharing in different formats and workflow
  • Editorial and publishing system
  • Personalisation of portal design by individual users
  • Centralized administration of users' identities within the entire organisation (LDAP, sso)
  • Portlet definition and publication by individual users (according to their individual user access rights)
  • Interconnection with other systems, information publication from these systems
  • Support of information outputs in required formats (html, XML, xls, pdf, sms ets.)

System integration for state administration

Generally many information systems are used by state administration departments. These systems will have to be integrated into larger and more complex entities. Moreover it will be necessary to process currently ongoing projects from IS/IT domain and last but not least selection procedures which are in preparation. CCV offers its abundant experience as system integrator from the IS/IT domain. We offer following example of services we provide:

  • Counselling and consultancy service
  • participation concept, strategy and analysis development
  • IS/IT projects' management
  • Suppliers' coordination, outputs' audit
  • Opponency and participation in development of contracts' technical parts, SLA parameters, demand documentation.