CCV Building Materials Trading Solution

Effective solution for your building materials retail and wholesale!

CCV Building Material Trading Solution is a professional solution for building materials suppliers, which can manage specific aspects of this type of business, predominantly central pricing, purchasing and transit orders and their automatized processing. The solution uses latest technologies from the Microsoft Corporation.

Basic characteristics of the solution

  • Operating costs reduction (transport costs, administration, elimination of wasteful activity duplication)
  • Optimalization of warehouse stocking in all main and branch offices
  • Possibility of prompt and "paperless" order listing with immediate knowledge of profits/ margins
  • Transit orders' administration is fully automatized – the whole process is fast, flawless, and requires minimum servicing

Basic characteristics of the solution

  • On-line interconnection of the entire company (ability to see goods' stocks and pricing in real time)
  • Central purchasing, ordering and management of material code-lists including pricing policies
  • Suppliers' pricelists are integrated into the system.
  • Unique support of pricing
  • The Information system contains unique automatized solutions for working with transit orders; all necessary documentation is created at once
  • Solution also contains automatic mechanisms for working with credit conditions of individual consumers and their requisitions