Profit from better warehouse overview and higher logistics productivity

CCV Warehouse management solution is an efficient and professional solution (WMS – Warehouse Management System) employing radiofrequency terminals that communicate on-line.

The system registers and manages 100% of all warehouse operations. The paperless system ensures real-time navigation and management of warehouse staff and improves productivity and quality of logistics processes in the long term.

What are the benefits of CCV Warehouse management solution?

  • Increased productivity and improved operations logging, reducing labour expenses
  • Reduction in servicing errors of the warehouse staff while selecting goods to dispatch (assortment, guarantees), reduction in items misplaced or lost, improved customer service
  • More efficient logistics management with clear outputs, status overview for all orders and warehouse receipts (work progress, staffer in charge), warehouser position overview – more efficient staff management, objective data for staff performance evaluation
  • Smooth running of warehouse operations: compliance with pre-set warehouse logistics strategy, maximum use of stocking capacity, 100% warehouse functionality even in the absence of a warehouse supervisor or logistics manager, optimization of selecting items which have been in the warehouse the longest, in compliance with the current logistics strategy
  • Increasing stocking capacity in response to more efficient use of space
  • Higher goods‘ turnover
  • Reduced transport costs

Logistics CCV Warehouse management solution has a number of references in a particular segment of the trading and distribution companies or producers of FMCG. Warehouse management solution is exceptional also functional overlap in dispatch and supply operations or connected to a shopping agenda ERP system.

CCV Warehouse management – basic functions of the WMS

  • Automatic warehouse position allocation for all warehouse operations
  • Full support of radio-frequency terminals
  • Paperless system, staff navigation and management via on-line terminals
  • Real-time process logging
  • Logistics data management and error detection tools
  • Restocking and dispatching optimization 
  • On-line warehouse operations management
  • Maximum use of electronic data interchange (EDI)
  • Items origin monitoring in the entire logistics chain
  • Comprehensive, real-time overview with clear outputs

His forte is also using Microsoft Dynamics. It is widely applicable not only on Microsoft technologies, but also successfully tested its integrability independent of the economic system of the company (ERP).

Award-winning quality

The highest quality of the WMS solution – CCV Warehouse management – is guaranteed by the number of significant awards it has received. Apart from winning the Diamond Eye – an award for the best product for professionals at the INVEX 2008 fair – we take pride in receiving other awards such as the Microsoft Industry Award, the Best IT support for logistics using GS1 standards award or winning the IT project of the year.

Technology supported by top-class partners

The warehouse management system is supplied with complete warehouse hardware and IT infrastructure provision and operates using resistant industrial terminals – Motorola.