ORION e-Catalogue: electronic listing of goods

An electronic catalogue for management and exchange of master data is used by companies for listing of goods at a business partner.  Master data, sometimes also called registry data, include information about prices, dimensions, weight, certifications, technical data sheets and pictures. ORION e-Catalogue enables easy transfer of this information, either directly from a company system or through XLS, CSV, and other formats. With its help, it is possible to supplement master data with other useful information, and when compiled, share them with business partners, in a required form. 

What are the benefits of the solution?

  • Faster introduction of products to the market 
  • Reduction of errors in orders, invoices and other types of documents
  • Time saving with managing and sharing of information on goods and items

Exchange of master data using ORION e-Catalogue

ORION e-Catalogue allows to share complete master data on products, or only selected sections. It is possible to manage different versions of master data for individual partners and share only relevant data. 

Ways of synchronizing master data

  • Send directly from e-Catalogue to selected trading partners
  • Through EDI message PRICAT
  • XML document exchange
  • Send a document in CSV or XLS format
  • GDSN – Global Data Synchronization

Overview of changes in goods

One of e-Catalogue’s features is history, where all changes made to managed products and their characteristics are reflected. One can easily look up how and where an item was modified.

Securely and with minimal maintenance requirements

ORION e-Catalogue is provided as a service (SaaS). It includes a user-friendly web interface with smart features. e-Catalogue is interconnected with the consolidation centre ORION®, which takes care of correct transfer of data formats and manages transfer of business data to business partners.

All data is trustworthy archived in a data centre, which holds security accreditation according to methodology of the National Security Authority. The data centre is monitored by professional security system, uses security keys, and is under fire protection system. Information about your products is thus accessible non-stop and under superior protection

CCV Information Systems, the manager of consolidation centre ORION®, also holds a security certificate ISO 27001 for their information management system from a reputable certification authority TÜV SÜD Czech.