21. June 2016 Mobile apps development, Electronic Data Interchange (EDI)

Mobile application ORION EDI – for travelling as well as for instant overview

We can undoubtedly smile at the meaningfulness of some applications at the very least, however, that’s definitely not the case of Mobile application ORION EDI. That’s because accessing orders through mobile phones is for the...


15. February 2015 Mobile apps development

Best app to take with you on a date? Wine Hero!

Are you afraid to disappoint when ordering wine on a first date? Do you want to impress your partner with understanding of wine, and which meals it complements best?You can easily do it with an app called Wine Hero, which was...


14. August 2014 Mobile apps development

New division for new products

CCV Information Systems has established a new division – Innovation and Mobile Solutions. Václav Kameníček, previously the Marketing Manager of eBusiness division, was named its Director. Further development of the company...